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Hey all. A friend of mine got an iBook from France and its all in french. My question is can I update her OS X with the US updaters? She has the default 10.1.2 installed and each time she opens up Photoshop it tells her that it runs optimally under 10.1.3 or later. I really want to help get rid of that error.

She has the 14" 700 MHZ combo drive model.

She *IS* French btw.



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    mac os 10 can have multiple languages installed and can easily switch between them.
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    so youre saying that the US updaters can update her French Mac OS as long as I select French as the language upon installation?
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    no, you don't have to select anything.

    It will automatically switch between languages. of course, only under Mac OS 10, not under 9. OS 9 doesn't support multiple languages in one system.
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    so it will detect that its the French Mac OS vs the English Mac OS?
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    no. there is no "english mac os 10" or "french mac os 10"

    it's an all in one.

    just go ahead and install, everything will go fine.
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    So theres nothing to worry about? I.E. the install will go fine and nothing will be ruined?
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    [quote]Originally posted by Proud iBook Owner 2k2:

    <strong>So theres nothing to worry about? I.E. the install will go fine and nothing will be ruined?</strong><hr></blockquote>


    btw. what version of 10 are you gonna install ?
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    I want to get her up to date and get her 10.1.5. Thats what im running and its running great.
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    alright. that's fine. just go ahead and install.
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    As far as I know pre os jaguar updates tend to be confused by the non english names for the folders it creates by default (home, pictures,...) once used or updated in english. I have heard and experienced that the system creates new folders with the appropriate name in english next to the allready existing foreign language ones

    If the systen bootup screen is not english, then changing to english or for that matter updating in english could confuse these folders.

    Jaguar (10.2) has the english name of folders hidden under the other langage used (see get info)

    What I did from the beginning of osX is make the initial install in english and then choose the prefered language from the system preferences.
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    I'm glad you're getting your questions answered here, but for the sake of forum etiquette, I'm moving this thread to the right forum: Mac OS X.
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