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I'm looking for sombody who ownes zoombinis because I have lost my disks and I want to get a dmg file of the disk.




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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    Oooh man... I remember that game...

    I think my friend actually had a copy, I'll ask him. It was on a CD-ROM, right?
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    Whoa! What's a cd-Rom?
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    Yep CD rom
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    I loved that game! When I first read your post though, I thought you were crazy.
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    Yeah, I remember that game...

    Played it at around the same time as Pajama Sam..
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    Dude I coudnt do pajama same. I only clocked it a few days ago. i could never get past the hail dome untill i found the hard hat in the locker...
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    Pajama Sam OWNS. The first and second ones were the best though. The third one kinda sucked.
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    LOL and for some reason I still think it's better then Halo
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