MacBook loses 802.11b reception

in Genius Bar edited January 2014

since a couple of days, I have a very odd problem with my macbook: after a system crash (computer fell too deep asleep while I was not watching), 802.11b (Airport non-extreme) is hardly working anymore. To be precise:

- connecting the macbook to a 802.11b basestation, or a 802.11b Computer-Computer network works only within 20 cm, and even then it drops the connection every minute

- connection to a 802.11g (Airport Extreme) network is flawless

- the networks are fine; all other computers work ok, as before

Since 802.11b also used to work fine (for a month), I narrowed the issue down to two possibilities:

- the Airport card has two antennas, maybe there's a hardware issue that would only affect the b mode?

- the Airport driver could be somehow messed up, or the card's non-volatile memory (PRAM) in a strange state

I tried installing older drivers (with Pacifist); no change. I reset all things I could imagine (PMU, PRAM, prefs etc.); no change.

Does anyone know how to reset the AIrport card itself? Or have a different idea?



(MacBook 1.8 CoreDuo, 10.4.8 , SMC 1.1 firmware installed)
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