Macbook 4200 or 5200 HD?

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Hey all,

Gonna pull the trigger and get me a black macbook. But before I do, wanted to get alittle feedback about the HD speeds.

I always try to get the largest HD I can to help future proof my laptop. You can never have enough space right? :-)

Anyway, I am torn between bumping it up from 120 gigs to the 160gig(5200rpm drive) or the 200gig(4200rpm drive).

What differences in speed can I expect at the expense of more space if I go with the 200 gig HD? Will a 4200rpm HD give me longer battery life as well as more space? But will it be significantly slower then the 5200rpm HD?

Thanks for any feedback...


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    I think its 5400, not 5200.

    Go with the faster one unless you have a plan for the extra space.

    I know this is not the 4200 vs. 5400 comparison you are looking for – but I thought it still might be informational since it using the same computer with the variable being hard drive speed.

    To answer your question about battery life – it depends on the drive(s) that you are comparing.

    Here is the foundation of my experience. My old laptop, an Acer C303 Tablet PC (Acer = crap service BTW), came with a 4200 RPM drive. After five HD replacements over two years, from makes such as Fujustu, Hitachi, and Toshiba – I can tell you that all 4200 RPM drives are not created equal. I found the better battery life with the Futjsu then the others, but that was an anecdotal observation. I then bought a 7200 RPM drive two months ago, the current 80 GB from IBM, for the laptop – and found that my battery life with the 7200 RPM is slightly longer or on par relative to the current 4200 RPM Toshiba HD.

    The 7200 RPM drive does give a better experience in start up of programs and initial OS start up, which is obvious. Also, the GUI seemed snapper – which is also nice. With non HD intense task, I really don’t notice a difference.

    For me – the extra speed is worth it. You can always get an external drive for more space.
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