Are there any mac savvy ppl at CNET?

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It seems whenever a review comes along, such as the Core 2 Duo MBP, I would think that it would score an 8 out of 10 (compared to a dell notebook) or even go as far as an editor's choice award.

Unfortunately, that's not the case. The average score of a review for Mac seems to be around the 7 out of 10. When I was in grade school that meant a C or a C - ( lauging on the inside). I'm just wondering if there's a dedicated CNET staff that's a bit less ignorant on Apple products. Don't get me wrong, I don't want someone gung-ho on apple products and give a 10/10 rating everytime. Bias is a turn-off.

At other times, Apple will announce projects, such as code-named "iTV", and CNET will be all over it from the other perspective. They will yell "Hey you can already do that on PC ya know!?" Which I think most of the CNET audience knows this, but Apple's whole approach is that, yes, we've seen it out there, now let's mainstream it and make it better.

My point of view of their reviews on apple products in general is they have a PC approach on a MAC. Almost like saying having a european regular driver test an American car on it's foreign roadways.


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    My visits to CNET are becoming more rare as the days go by. I like their recent review on the MBP C2D:

    The 7.4 rating results due to the lack of a media card reader and only 90 day toll free support. I fail to see the reasoning behind that rating.

    As of today the average user rating is 8.8 from 29 users (with a few perfect 10s from the fanboys). That is quite a bit of difference, but I always tend to favor user reviews than editor reviews anyway so I've never really gotten miffed about that. At least they explain why they give it that rating.
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