newbie requires mac resources

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hello everyone,

i just got my mac, and i need resources because i have a lot to learn about macs. as far as i kno, these are the first few things i need:

+ resources on downloading using azureus, dealing w NAT problems

+ torrent sites that have a lotta stuff for macs, i need to "try" out an array of programs and need to find the places to download them.

any help is appreciated.

thanks in advance.



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    You won't find help on most forums for piracy.
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    ok then just for nat problems on azureus, i guess all i really need is a list of ports. any sort of command prompt stuff for macs?
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    You can work out whatever you want from there.

    Many companies offer free trial periods in which you can use their software. Please keep any more talk about wanting to "try" a wide array of programs to yourself.

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