Bluetooth printing - 'job cancelled'

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
l have just purchased my first mac (imac 2ghz 1gb ram etc) along with the bluetooth enabled HP8250 printer. l had to buy an additional bluetooth dongle so that one could connect with the other (made by belkin). This was slotted in as suggested, the light came on, it has registered with the imac and shows as the only printer on the system. However, when it comes to print it starts to send but the tells me that the job is cancelled. l feel that l am missing something really obvious but due to a lack of knowledge on the mac system l can't rectify this. Could it possibly be that the bluetooth dongle should be the specific HP one rather than any old dongle. The printer settings are set to default (no security and open for all to see using the bluetooth). Any suggestions or help will be gratefully received.
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