How to use Network and USB Printers on Windows XP Network

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I have a home network that is Windows XP Based. There are 3 printers on this network, two large printers that are connected through the Ethernet network with two separate IP's as well as one printer connected via USB to the main (server) desktop.

I just bought my first Mac, a MacBook Pro. Eventually I probably will get a Mac Desktop as well to replace the main computer. These printers all work fine on the Windows XP laptop and desktops. How do I print to these from the Mac though? Is the Mac able to print to a USB printer connected to a Windows XP computer that is sharing the printer? Is it able to print to these two network printers? These printers all have Mac drivers so that isn't a problem but I have tried to get the Mac to add these printers but I can't get it to print. Any suggestions of how I can do this or any web links on how to do this?


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    When asking for help with printers, please give the models of the printers at issue. The answer to your question is: "Of course you can print to your networked printers IF..." The IF explains one of the reasons why you should give the specific models of your printers. You cannot print to a USB printer over a network with the vendor's USB driver. You need CUPS drivers.

    Without knowing which models you have, I can give only generic advice:

    Generic Advice No. 1. Download and install Gutenprint. It includes documentation for setting-up CUPS printers.

    Generic Advice No. 2. If Gutenprint does not include support for your specific printer models, you may find drivers for additional printers in the database.
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