Glossy or Glare?

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Just ordered my MBP 17" c2d. I am not sure if I should change the order to glossy. I had 2 17" PB and I was happy w the screen. I tried to look at the MB and think its at bit to glossy. Havent found any dealer that displays the MBP w glossy.

I am not a pro editor, and I will only work with pictures on hobby basis. I like watching movies on my book, and use it for all my work. I tend to carry it with me a lot. When I use public transport like train I like to watch a movie or play games like Mohaa.



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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    I was certain I'd go with the matte finish on my next laptop, but you know, I just got back from looking at the MacBook Pros at the Apple Store with the glossy screens, and... they weren't bad at all. Shocked me. I'm now considering a glossy screen.

    I guess I'm no help.
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    Kickaha: No help at all Will try to find a dealer w a glossy on display.... btw. I was much happier w my old PB 17" 1.33 then w my PB 17" High Res. The new screen is nice, but the angle was better on the old one, and I only used it on max 50% brightness. The quality of the 1.33 was better and overall expirence much better. I miss the CPU option for better bat. life.... Also the highres drains lot faster then the 1.33. Hope my MBP will be good.... almost 3weeks before its here

    btw. take a look at ..... really makes me wanna pick the matte finish.
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    Personally I've got an HP laptop also that has a glossy screen.

    I quite hate it. Like, really hate it. Just because sometimes it's like looking into a mirror while I'm in class with it (I refuse to bring my Mac to my lame-o classes, for risk of some moron breaking it or whathaveyou)

    I personally pref. the matte finish on my MacBook Pro, but I guess it's preferences...
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    (I refuse to bring my Mac to my lame-o classes, for risk of some moron breaking it or whathaveyou)

    Yeah.... that is the downsite of mac..... tends to attract idiots with pointing fingers on the screen!
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    back in august when i was looking to buy a mac(my first), apple store employee told me that i'd be better off without the glossy because i think colors wouldn't be true(i think it applies to graphic designers) plus i think it's online request only.
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    maccrazymaccrazy Posts: 2,658member
    Form my experience of a glossy MacBook I would get an anti-glare screen. The colour sync is off with the glossy screens and they're also very reflective, making watching movies on a train more difficult. Anti-glare screens are much better for design work as well.
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