Buy my iMac G5 on ebay. Discount for AIers on ebay

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I can post this here, right?

20" iMac G5 (iSight) 2.1ghz/250GB/Atix600T/1.5 GB upgraded RAM, 8X Superdive, Apple remote and tons of extras (blank CDs, USB flash drive, Copy of Mac OS 9, etc)

Ebay Item # 290050165846

Discounts for AI Members with at least 100 posts:

-Free Continental US shipping if item sells for at least $1250.00 (non AIers are paying $35 continental)

-"Buy it Now" Rebate of $50 PLUS free shipping (Rebate refunded via PayPal)

-You Know where to find me if there is a problem! Member here since January 2000! (pre-blackout).

Thanks for looking. If this is the wrong forum (I don't think it is), my sincere apologies.


Edit: Sorry about the title. Maybe I could say "ebay" again? EBAY!
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