Applications in Dock not working properly

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Hi there,

I'm a new Mac user, and getting the hang of OSX pretty quickly. One thing I like is being able to right-click the icons in the dock for programs that are running to get them to do stuff - be it to pause what's playing in iTunes, open my Messenger contact list, or just close something down.

But yesterday and today, when I right-click the menu comes up, but I can't select any of the alternatives, it just sits there and won't go away until I open another menu at the top of the screen.

Can anyone explain why this might be happening or how I can fix it?



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    Okay, after a reboot they're behaving. For now...
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    I'm having the same problem, but its after a reboot to install the latest security patch.

    Another reboot does not help. Did you by any chance also install a security patch this week ?

    I'm on an iMac G5 (PowerPC) purchased Dec 2005.


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