wireless network problems

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
hi guys

im no computer buff and know little about comps.

ive got a pc setup at home running on a bt voyager broadband with my sony vaoi laptop connected via the wirless network.

im trying to add my new MBP to the network and it detects it on startup then i enter password. then it says its no on my allowed list on by base station.

so i go to the pc, type in this xxx.xxx.x.x number that brings me into my bt setup screen.

i log in and go to securtiy/access and it says MAC adress.. i click on it and click on add.. then it asks me for th ip adress?

and whilst im doing that.. my sony vaoi's netwrok goes down? i have no idea, any help muich appreciated!

i also bought the airport express... but i wanna get my pc laptop and mbp all onto the same wirelss. possible?

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