Firefox won't play online videos...

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I don't know exactly how to discribe this problem. :-D I am currently using the latest version of Firefox along with Mac OS 10.4.8 on a MacBook 2ghz.

I am currently studying abroad in Japan and in desperate need of watching the current NBA season. :-D However the video highlights on won't play with firefox. It always stops and says I need a plugin, but it cannot find the plug in. I don't know what format the videos are supposed to play in. THey are streaming videos it seems. I have windows media player 9.0 and Quicktime 7.0 installed. I don't know if I need to modify the settings or not. THis happens often with many different videos that are embedded in the web page. Only actually works with no problem it seems.

Anyon have any ideas?


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    Have you checked out Flip4Mac? I'm gathering that the site (annoying site by the way) uses Windows Media Video. I have the Flip4Mac plugin that allows the playback of WMV through Quicktime.

    It works flawlessly on CNN's videos and other sites using WMVs. Though some webmasters have no clue that people do use other OS's without Direct X. You'll have to see how Flip4Mac will do.

    Dowload the free trial. You'll be able to view videos on the locked mode. An upgrade will unlock the other features that allow you to export files and other stuff.
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    I will give that a try, thanks.
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    Flip4Mac is nowadays sponsored by Microsoft, you can get totally free version of it from Here
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    Ok so I just got up on an IMac and figured out that you can watch this videos on the system. All you need to do is view the source location and copy it into quicktime.
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