Is there a problem with throughput on the Intel Macs?

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The reason I ask is because I recently tried playing a 30mbit+ 1024x576 Pixlet movie (lossless compression) on a dual-core iMac and Mini and it choked but the same movie on a quad G5 plays just fine. I don't think it's a CPU problem because the processors weren't going full (though Pixlet decoding maybe isn't multi-threaded).

The iMac is 2x2GHz, the Mini 2x1.66GHz and the G5 4x2.5GHz. I thought maybe Quicktime using just one CPU was the problem because the G5 processors are faster but the iMac was playing back at half the fps. When I encoded the same movie at the same data rate using mp4, the iMac and Mini playback was fine.

Originally I suspected the Pixlet codec but I read about the Intel machines having slower data throughput - I think they have slower fsbs than the G5s. Or could it be the laptop components in the iMac and Mini compared to the desktop ones in the G5?


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    The iMac and Mini use laptop Intel processors with a 600 Mhz front side bus while the Mac Pro has a 1.3Ghz bus (I think) and the G5 Quads have a 1Ghz+ bus as well.
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