Router connection issues

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I use a Netgear wireless router (WGR614v6) to connect to my cable modem/internet. Problem is that at least once a week I have to reboot the router to get any kind of internet connection out of it at all. Just annoys the heck outta me, I also notice that the router getts pretty warm so I have it propped up on a couple of pens to get air circulation underneath it. Anyone else have this problem? If so what did you do to solve it? Thanks guys!


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    Hey lakingsfn. I recently just installed a Netgear router myself and I'm having some problems with it. The internet is fine on my PC, which is directly connected to the router, but my MacBook can't connect to the internet. It can join the network but just not the internet. I cannot find how to fix this on their crap website. I'm using the same model as you. Can anyone help?
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    galleygalley Posts: 971member
    I just picked up a Netgear WNR854T and am also having connection problems. Aaargh!
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    So there's three of us, and we all have no idea what to do. Great.
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    Unfortunately I haven't been able to find much help on the Netgear site or their forums either so I'm probably gonna buy a Linksys router soon. I had a Linksys wired router for 4 years and didn't have a shred of problems with it. Come to think of it I should have just gotten a wireless access point to plug into it, oh well.
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