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Not sure this is the correct forum but heres the problem.

I am using an application, Photo to Movie, to create numerous slideshow. In creating the slideshows you import digital photos, JPG's, and audio files, MP3's. When you import them it does not actually import the files but creates a link to where the files are located. I have folders on my desktop called 'Slideshows' , 'Digital Photos' and 'Music'. Everything works file.

However when I try to burn those 3 folders to a CD the links are apparently broken and when I open a slideshow it says the photos are missing and the audio files not found. Why does burning the folders cause the links to break?

Is there any way to make sure the links stay connected when I burn the folders to a CD?

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    Are you just burning the folders directly to the CD?

    If so the application is problems using non-relative links (i.e. ~/Desktop/Slideshows/1.mov versus just slideshows/1). Were you ever able to do this or has it never worked?
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    No problems burning movies to DVD. Just wanted to put the slideshows and related files on a CD to get them off my HD.

    Tried many ways to get it to work and no success so far.
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    Did you try my response I gave you over at macfixit.


    You may want to create an empty read/write disk image in Disk Utility to use as the location to create your files, which I believe would then have the correct absolute paths once you've burnt to disc using the disk image as the source.

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    I'm afraid I don't know how to do that. Will try to figure it out and let you know if I can accomplish it.
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