multiple partitions on mac hd

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Hey everyone, im a long time pc user about to switch to a mac. But there is one major thing that i need to ask before hand. Im looking at getting a MBP w/ 120 or 160 gig hd.

Unfortunately i cannot get away from using windows for games and some other softwares for school and work. Autocad etc. So i am planning on using bootcamp.

Is there a way to partition the drive into 3 parts.

Say 60 gigs for mac, 30 for a media drive to save all my media on to use on both windows and mac. And another 30 for windows. Is there a possible way to do this?

thanks for the help


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    Bootcamp comes with a partitioner you can use to generate the necessary FAT32 partition, or you can use Apple's DIsk Utility to generate the desired partitions beforehand.
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