Mail/.Mac email account do not sync properly - delete messages .... help

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I am really pissed off so any help anyone can give will be appreciated.

I have 10.4.8 tiger on both a G4 ibook and G5 iMac that I use .mac to sync. I haven't been able to really read any emails for the past few days, only see that I had 25, 35, 40 unread messages in the .mac webmail interface in safari.

So today i logged into the Ibook and opened mail to pull down all those emails, only it did the opposite and just ERASED all the unread emails. Emails that I had clicked and previewed in the last few days were pulled down and synced. Those that I had not read were simply erased.

What.....the.....7&@% !?!?!?!

Can anyone help resolve this issue because having this issue makes using Mail basically impossible.


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    small update: It seems that the mail application will only download properly download messages that I have already "read" withing the .mac webmail. I tested it out.

    Can anyone please provide any insight?
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    Did you move the messages to a mailbox that is stored on your macintosh as opposed to the server? Check the Junk folder / Check your mailbox rules.
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