How do I burn an encrypted data disc without losing the Viewing preferences I set?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
This is what I want to do:

Burn a comprehensive back-up data DVD. I have put everything inside a folder I made to arrange how I want the icon layout to be for the to-be-made DVD. I changed the View Options just for that folder and made all the Icons and Text as large as they can be. The icons are custom ones that I made from pictures so it's important to have them stay large. I also arranged the icons in unique way and wanted the DVD to have the custom DVD icon that I made as well.

Okay, so I have Toast 7 and that will let you encrypt the disc in a way that I like, but there seems to be no way to set the icon veiwing size and arrangement of icons for the disc. I just went to version tracker and downloaded a bunch of smaller apps. I can't seem to do what I want. Encrypt and burn that disc in the way that I have it set up in the finder window. One program that I thought would work was Disc Burner (with the radioactive icon) because I remember using it for OS 9 and it would let you arrange a folder from a blank CD mounted on the desktop, after which you burn and it would reflect just how you arranged it. Well, the OS X version does do the same thing, except for the Viewing options such as the large viewing size of the icons! I know this can be done because I've certainly popped in install CD's that contained large folder and install icons. How do I burn those? And disc encryption much like how Toast does it? How??

I would love to hear any and all recommendations. Thanks!
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