Hard drive needs repair

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When I run Disk Utility, I get this message:

Verifying volume ?Macintosh HD?

Checking HFS Plus volume.

Checking Extents Overflow file.

Checking Catalog file.

Illegal name

Illegal name

Checking multi-linked files.

g Catalog hierarchy.",0)

Checking Extended Attributes file.

Checking volume bitmap.

Checking volume information.


Macintosh HD

Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit

1 HFS volume checked

\tVolume needs repair

How should I go about repairing it when the repair button is greyed out?


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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    Boot from the System DVD that came with the computer. To do this, insert the DVD, choose Restart from the Apple menu, and then hold down the "c" key on the keyboard during boot.

    When the DVD has booted to the Installer, ignore that and choose "Disk Utility" from the menu bar.

    This is because you cannot repair the startup disk or the disk from which Disk Utility is running. So you have to use the DVD as the startup disk.
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    a quicker way, or in case you don't have the dvd around...

    Reboot the computer while holding down apple-s. This will boot the computer in single-user mode. After startup, type at the prompt: 'fsck -fy' (without quotes). (fsck stands for FileSystemCHeck). This will do the same repairing as Disk Utility. After the repair is done, type 'reboot' (without quotes) to reboot the computer regularly.
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