What do you do to clean the screen?

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i seem to be having some trouble cleaning fingerprints completely off of my mbp glossy screen. i can get most of it off by breathing on it and wiping off with a cloth but a subtle imprint is still visible. any pointers? thanks.


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    Apple endorses iKlear. I include a link to Amazon:http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...114151-9807035
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    use a microfibre clothe and a little moisture from your breath. It works a treat. Cheap and always available!

    DOnt buy all these expensive solvents and cleaning products waste of money when all you need is a little breath and a good cloth.
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    ok, thanks guys, will give it a try.
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    whatever you do, never EVER use isoproponal alchohol on LCD screens and track pads... it'll melt it.
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