iBook G4 running sluggish

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My iBook has 1.33ghz processor and 768mb of ram. I don't do much on it other than browsing the internet and chatting and recently it has become reasonably slow (and no, i dont have a ton of applications running/open). Is there anything I can do to make it run alittle faster? I tried repairing/verifying permissions but it didn't really do much. now i know 768mb of RAM isnt a ton, but it should be more than enough for running firefox, AIM and occassionally something else. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

-Jordan M.

ps- one more question... when repairing/verifying disc permissions, which is better to select my macintosh hard drive or the whole toshiba hard drive or should i do both? also, should i repair persmissions, verify permissions or both? thanks again!


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    Do you have more than 10% of the hard drive's capacity left free?

    Repairing permissions does the same thing as verifying, except that the latter does only verify and not also repair after the verify. So using repairing permissions is faster - if something is wrong.

    Download a utility called MacJanitor and run the daily, weekly and monthly maintenance tasks. That might help. The amount of RAM you have is usually sufficient for what you want to do.

    If your machine is really slow, try to hear whether the harddrive (which is located under the palm rest) makes any unusual and constant loud clicking noises. In that case, have an expert listen to it as well - your hard drive might stop working soon.
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    Doing a fresh install of OS X Does wonders sometimes..
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    thanks guys!
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