"End" key in OS X

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I'm a recent convert from Windows. (Pausing for applause..........)

I really like it. I even wiped out my pc yesterday to get ride of it.

My biggest gripe is that the "end" key in OS X doesn't take me to the end of a line of text.

Am I missing something?

Also - I just bought a new MacBook today at CompUSA. It's the black one with a Core Duo.

I got it for $1139. I thought even though it's the previous processor model, it was still a good deal.

And it was $10 cheaper than the white one sitting next to it!


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    End and Home take you to the End and Home of the *document*. Windows used to be the only OS that doesn't do this.

    Cmd-(left arrow) and Cmd-(right arrow) do what you want.

    In fact... there's a whole mess o' modifiers that work together in logical ways to navigate text.

    Opt-(left arrow)/(right arrow) moves by the word, Cmd- by the line.

    Opt-(up arrow)/(down arrow) moves by the paragraph, Cmd- goes to the top/bottom of the document. (ie, Home and End)

    Pressing Shift with any of the above *selects* instead of moving the cursor.

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