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Hey guys, I'm relatively (extremely) new to using a mac. In any case, I just bought a MBP, and was wondering how to enable the extra keys on my mouse. I've tried to find a post on it, and sadly, wasn't able to.

i.e., I simply want to use my thumb keys on my mouse to go back on a page and forward on a page when I'm in a web browser. It'd greatly be appreciated if someone could help me out



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    Congratulations to your purchase of the MBP!

    To solve your problem, we need a bit more information about your mouse. What manufacturer? What model?

    So for example you have a logitech mouse, go to and look for the driver download section. Then look for the Macintosh drivers for OS X. Logitech usually has them on their website - or on a CD that came with your (new?) mouse. Microsoft also has drivers for its mice.
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    If gwoodpecker's suggestions don't help you, check out USB Overdrive. It's shareware, but it's incredibly powerful.
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    Thanks a lot for the replies! However, I think my microsoft mouse is too old to have drivers for a mac =/. It's like a good 5 years old (probably one of the very first IR mouses out there).
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