New MacBook Random Shutdown Problem

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Happy Thanksgiving obviously first of all, but what better way to start my turkey day: I was online and pulled the MagSafe to go show something to my family and when I did that, I got the "You need to restart your computer" grey screen. Now when I go to restart it a few things will happen. 1) The computer starts up and runs for 1-2 minutes then the grey screen pops up with about 4 columns of thick horizontal lines. 2) The computer starts to the apple and the spinning wheel then gets the columns of lines. 3) I just get the white screen and nothing else indefinitely. Is this a firmware problem or am I f$*#ed? I am 3000 miles from home right now, so I can't pop in my backup drive and see what is going on and I have things to do before work on Monday. Any help is appreciated, I will be checking from the same type of computer that Satan does, a Dell, so you understand my pain in saying that I want to do whatever it takes to fix it quick.


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    mr. hmr. h Posts: 4,870member
    What you are experiencing is not the "random shutdown problem", but "kernel panics". From the other descriptions you gave, it sounds like borked hardware. Here's what to do. Progress to each next step if current step doesn't solve problem:

    1.) Backup all your important files.

    2.) Run the extended Apple hardware test (insert first software installation DVD, restart and hold down the "D" key). If it crashes whilst running the test or tells you you've got a problem, you need to send the machine back to Apple for repair.

    3.) Have you installed any new third party software recently? If yes, uninstall it.

    4.) Upgraded the RAM? If yes, remove the third-party RAM.

    5.) Re-install the OS (archive and install will save all your settings).

    6.) If the problem's still not gone, you've a hardware problem that wasn't caught by the hardware test. Send machine back to Apple.

    P.S. you mentioned firmware. Did you try to update it recently and suspect the update didn't go right?
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,171moderator
    Hold command-v while booting to see what it's doing. Also see if you can get to single user mode by holding command-s. Unfortunately the horizontal lines are common in logic board failures and that would mean you have to send it back to Apple for repair. It'll be done free under warranty though.

    Also try resetting the PMU:
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    Thanks for all the help guys, I figured it was the Logic Board, but tried the other options. I talked to an Apple support rep today and frustrated him when my computer kept freezing or shutting down. It is going to be in the mail on Monday, just sucks cause I have things to finish before then.
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