Why are the white iPods

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.. least desireable?

I've got a white 5G 30 gig myself and I think it's beautiful. I like the black as well, but not as much.But I was going through the Amazon.com top sellers list for Mp3 players and I noticed this trend not just with the iPod but also with the white Zune and white Creative players.



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    I would argue that black, by dint of underuse the past several years, is once again the popular colour to use.

    Pre-iPod it was heavily black or silver or both but the transformational nature of white iPods (and especially white earbuds) forced everyone into white wherein the iPod promptly went black.

    Black being way deeper into the coolness factor it once again become number one. The white of the iPod was successful as a shock tactic, but in the long run black wins.

    Or at least that's the (ludicrously) condensed version of how I see it.
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    While I agree that the black iPod's are more popular (at least for the full size iPod model) I have to say I prefer the white. Maybe it's because I have an iMac and they just go so well together, I don't know. I think the white full size iPod's just can't be beat.
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    Have no fear,

    Black iMacs are almost here!

    Dunno, actually, but could be!
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    A glossy black notebook would be fingerprint heaven.
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    I definitely prefer the white, but for the purpose of looking at video - the contrast would "appear" better on the black.
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