iTunes 7.0.2 hangs on 2G nano sync

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Anybody experiencing beachballing/hanging of iTunes 7.0.2 when trying to update the 2G nano (or any iPod for that matter)?

It works fine on my G5 but hangs on the dual MDD G4. This machine has USB 1.1 but that is supposed to work. I added a NEC USB 2.0 PCI card which is seen by the Mac and the iPod mounts fine but iTunes hangs trying to add any items to the iPod.

Disk Utility finds no problems



Reinstalled iTunes from scratch

Trashed iTunes Prefs, iPod Prefs and iTunes Helper Prefs

Restored iPod

System reinstall is next. Anybody had this problem and knows what might be the cause?


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    Restore the iPod on a different computer? Or use Windows formatting instead?

    Those are the only two you didn't do that I can think of off-hand. And I have had occasionally had this problem with my 1G iPod nano and iTunes 7 but I have so far always been able to get it to work by quitting iTunes and then launching it again.
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    I'll try manual update. I think I should probably do a clean install anyway. This MDD hasn't seen a re-install since 2003.

    When iTunes hangs, force-quitting it seems to work, but the app still has the black triangle in the Dock, and even using Terminal to kill it and kill iTunes Helper, restarting the Dock, etc does not bring it back to life. Logout hangs too - can't log back in. Only a cold boot gets iTunes to launch again, and this is with a fresh install of iTunes.

    iTunes works fine until you try and transfer anything to the iPod - then it hangs on one of the items (not always the same item).
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