voltage adapter for europe trip??

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Hi all.

I have what may be a dumb question. My son and his powerbook will be traveling to England and France for 6 weeks this spring. Does he need to buy that $39.00 "World traveler" plug kit, or would a regular travel plug adapter work for his powerbook. Over $40 for a plug seems high....

Thanks, Frank D.


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    Well, I know my MBP has a voltage convertor, most newer models of all laptops do, so I'm sure his powerbook is okay too. (I know my HP purchased over a year ago is okay...)

    He just needs the pack so he can plug it in to their outlets.

    The pack comes with 6 plugs, so it's just not 1.

    If you just want the two for those countries, send him to an apple store in those respective countries and see if he can buy one off them. That's what I plan on doing when I go to England for University. :P But then again, to buy the English one is about $16USD or so when I priced it out a few weeks ago. So might as well buy the whole thing here-- as it is cheaper here in America-land.

    Or, if you want, just get an all around convertor from targus or something. /shrug.
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