a couple of boot camp questions

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i have windows up and running on my mbp c2d right now. i made the windows partition to be 32gb & i formatted it in FAT format, so i can have the ability of easy sharing between partitions. the problem i have is, i dont see how i access the mac partition because i'm not sure where to find it at. i only see the windows partition in my computer. also, my signal strength to my wireless connection at home is A LOT lower in windows than the signal strength of it when im in osx. any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    I don't know this for sure, but I thought the Mac could read from the Windows partition, but not the other way around. You save a file in Windows and then go get it from OS X later if you want.

    Is your wireless performance less, too, or just the signal strength indicator? I've believed that Apple "inflates" the signal strength to appear stronger than it is. Just a pet conspiracy theory.
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    Yeah, I highly agree about the idea that mac exaggerates the signal strength. When my laptop is in my room and running mac osx, it says that I'm getting full strength. But when I'm in the same spot and running xp it says it's low/very low. My download speeds are normal though and nothing seems bottlenecked. It's just bothering me, really. Anyways, thanks for the info about macdrive.
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