Anyone know Objective-C?

in Mac Software edited January 2014

I'm looking for someone to give me a little help developing a Cocoa app in Objective-C. I wouldn't require loads and loads of your time, just an hour a week or so. Basically, I'm having a little trouble getting my app off it's feet, I've literally jumped in at the deep end and need someone to help. I've made an interface which I'm pretty satisfied with but I need some help making custom views, etc.

I know what you're thinking?why should I help you when you haven't even told me what it is yet? Well, basically it's a project organiser program called Folio, which lets you add projects to a Gantt chart or iCal-style calendar and configure lots of properties and things. It uses Core Data, and has a (may I say so) beautiful interface thus far. Here's where I've got to (the app icon is the one left of the Photo Booth icon, not the on the right (Delicious Library lol )):

Anyway, if you could be arsed to read any of that, thanks for your time. (And please help!!!)

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