Software RIP for OS X?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Can you guys suggest a software RIP that will run on OS X (and OS X Server)?

We build and separate hundreds of spot color Illustrator files every week. We currently use a Luscher (Direct-to-screen) imaging system that images with wax directly onto emulsion coated screen printing screens. It came bundled with a Highwater Harlequin Rip "Torrent" (on a Windows 2000 Dell server). I want to get off Windows and use OS X Server (Xserve)

We create the separation files and store them as Tiff files for imaging later at this and other locations.

We are interested in a ripping solution that would offer the following:

• Increase compatibility with Illustrator CS and (soon) CS3 files featuring complex.

• Allow us to run the RIP on Mac OS X. A Universal Binary would be nice too.

• Provide basic trapping control to achieve a screen-printing-specific choke for certain plates

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