GarageBand. School Network. Loops Access

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Has anyone installed GarageBand in a networked environment anbd made it available to students of specific workgroups, without having to install files in individual user accounts.

Here's what we have done:

XServer running 10.4.7

GarageBand 3 installed at Admin level on eMac 1.4Ghz running 10.4.7.

Application access provided via WorkGroup Manager (latest version 10.4.4?)

Student launches GarageBand but the loops cannot be found. We then put the loops into the same folder as per the admin account (Library - Audio), and launched GB without any futher success.

Do we need to enable the installer and then install GB within the user accounts?

This is do-able now as only 5 students and a teacher are involved. If we ever go the whole lab route then we will need something more practical than individual installations.

I have been through several forums with this question already so please only reply if you have witnessed first hand a successful installation of GB for network accounts. My head is spinning with a surfeit of "try this" and "maybes". Sorry to sound like a grumpy old man... but that's exactly what I am...

Thanks in anticipation

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