G3 imac screen won't come on

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
So I got this used G3 imac. It was working fine and came loaded with OS 10.0.3. Well I tried installing 10.4 and it told me I first needed to update my firmware. So I restarted the system and it makes it's intro sound but nothing shows up on the screen.

What do I do to resolve this?

And once it's resolved what's the easiest way to update the firmware? I don't have any system discs besides 10.4.


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    Also I've found that sometimes the VGA output in the back works with an external monitor even when the interal monitor doesn't.

    Sometimes when I restart the system the intro sound is really fizzly sounding and nothing happens after.
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    I figured it out. The firmware got messed up when trying to install 10.4. I So I went back down to OS9 using and external monitor, then upgraded to 9.1 and then installed the imacs latest firmware and that fixed the problem. Now I'm installing 10.4.
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