Zune spam!!!

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You know it's going to happen.

You're riding along on the metro, listening to your zune tunes, when all of a sudden you get a message that someone wants to "squirt" you something.

You don't see anyone around who looks suspicious. Still you are curious, so you click "accept".

ENLARGE YOUR PENIS!!!, the jpeg screams out at you, with a web link to a site where dumb men with low-self esteem can give away free money to the russian internet mob.

HUGE STOCK TIP!!!, another shouts, the next day.


Eventually, a friend comes up and says, "Hey I've got those pics from our beach trip on my Zune... want me to squirt you some?"

"Why not just burn me a CD?" comes the reply.


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    Thats why I keep my wireless turned off on my Zune. No squirting w/o my knowledge first
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    shhh dont tell and it might go away
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    Originally Posted by trailmaster308

    Thats why I keep my wireless turned off on my Zune. No squirting w/o my knowledge first

    omg are u actually saying you bought of those ugly behemouths?
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    Originally Posted by shady104

    omg are u actually saying you bought of those ugly behemouths?

    Yup. I bought one of the original iPods as well.
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    Why would I ever want to "squirt" anything to anyone?
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    i want a zune.
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    the Zune is NASTY!

    I saw it at the local Circuit city. i thought it was huge. Much bigger than the pictures make it look. then that wrongo button that tries to look like a scroll wheel. Then the navigation scheme. Talk about confusing. After clicking through your song collection for a couple of months, I can imagine the button on this thing breaking.

    then you have got the designed in the '70s look. Not the cool retro way. I mean like the technology was created in the '70s.

    Then there are the iPods. Cool. Sleek. Chic. Easy navigation.

    i played with Zune and honestly, it just seems like a device wihtout any reason to exist other than to give microsoft money and mess people over. It is bigger than a PDA, but is not one. the screen in blurry when it tries to pretend it is a widescreen, and the navigation is horrid.

    It should have been a PDA that plays music too, but then the screen is not good enough.

    As a music and video player, it stinks because it is too big, too clunky and too difficult to use.

    As anything else, it fails because it was envisioned as a music and video player.

    ...and anything that tries to "squirt" is just plain stupid.

    After playing with Zune for 30 minutes just trying to understand it, I walked over two feet to the iPod section, played with the silver Nano, really enjoyed its cool look, slim form factor, and super easy navigation scheme. then... I bought myself my first iPod.

    Weird... Microsoft actually led me to buy an iPod.
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    I like the iPod, it is very nice. i have download ipod video converter from ipod-video-converter.com
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    when i used a zune at best buy, i was surprised at how _small_ it was. it looks huge on the pics that are posted online. i was expecting a behemoth. it is still a small device.

    the navigational pad was easy to use. the buttons feel responsive. overall easy to use. the screen is very nice. and i gave the zune software a try and now i'm even using it instead of itunes. it picked up all my songs, accessing the marketplace is quite easy.

    i own ipods and all, but i have to say that the zune ain't that bad. i could use one if i didn't have an ipod or if my primary computer wasnt a mac.
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