MSN Messenger Mac Problems

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Hey guys,

I have a problem with MSN for Mac. When I log-in, sometimes it says that it cannot log me in and at other times, I log-in fine, and then a few minutes later it disconnects and says there has been a problem. Any ideas why and how to resolve this?

Thanks in advance


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    Actually me and most of my friends have been having this problem and i'm the only Mac user. It even happens on my PC as well. I'm not sure this is a Mac probelm as much as MSN is having issues.
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    Originally Posted by Slewis

    Then Microsoft is probably having Server Issues in your Area


    Well not everyone that I was referring to lives in the same area, nor do we use the same ISP. And I would find it hard to believe that Microsoft would have "servers" everywhere anyway. This type of service does not require that type of local client/server setup.
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    I have the same problem sometimes, I've not had it lately, but in recent times it'd do the same thing--

    On my PC.

    I'm on Adium now, so I don't notice if it DC's/etc. it just reconnects for me :/

    MS sucks though, I can't cam chat with friends on MSN anymore because they disabled that afaik on the mac versions.

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    DUMP MSN and get adium it works for most or all IM
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    I vote for Adium as well. It has a much better user interface and works nicely with a lot of service providers.
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    Originally Posted by Slewis

    Sorry if I'm pretty much guessing, but I think MSN is the problem on this one. It sometimes likes to throw me off for no good reason (as of 4 days ago it seems)

    Some have suggested Adium, I'd try it if I actually thought All In One Messengers were usable, but I prefer having everything feature complete from the Go.

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    I've had similar problems, but I have a new one tonight. I have both adium and MSN and neither are working. I can log in and see people's activity but no one can interact with me and I can't chat with anyone. If I send a message, I just get an error in adium saying it can't be delivered and MSN will just run for a bit, give the same message and then disconnect. It sucks because it just decided to start doing it in mid conversation with someone about an hour ago.
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