need help migrating from imac to macbook

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i've updated what I can through .mac, but would like advice on the best way to migrate pics, docs, itunes music, firefox settings/bookmarks, etc. migration assistant apparently only works through a firewire connection, and I don't want to buy a firewire cable just for this.


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,230moderator
    You can do it all manually. If you don't have an ethernet cable either, you can do it on wifi.

    1. turn on personal file sharing in the system prefs>sharing on the old machine

    2. get the IP of the old machine from either the network panel or the network utility.

    3. Mount the computer you want to transfer the stuff from by using either the network icon or Finder > Go menu > connect to server

    Note: if you just go through the network option, it sometimes doesn't use the fastest connection (it may favour wifi over ethernet for example), which is why using the IP is best.

    4. basically just put the stuff in the same places it used to be on the old machine.

    The itunes library you just drop into you music folder in home and itunes opens it just fine, no need to import all your tunes like a lot of people tend to do.
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    cyloncylon Posts: 126member
    I just moved from an iMac to a MacPro. First start up of the new system it asked if I wanted to transfer items from an old mac. Tell it yes. Walks you through it. Basically just connect a firewire between the two computers, restart the old one in Target mode. And boom you can transfer all your old files and settings. I restarted my new one after that, and everything was there. I think I only had to enter my registration code for 1 program I had. Everything else was set up just like my old one. Just had to adjust a few of the system prefs.
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    i stated in my first post that I didn't want to buy a firewire cable, but went ahead and did it after after i saw how long it would take to transfer my old files via a network cable (over 24 hrs!!). the firewire did it via migration assistant in less than an hour, and now my files and settings are exactly as i had them on my imac. very cool
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    what about a g3 that has os9 AND os X, but i don't want he os9 stuff to transfer to my new (yippee) mb?

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    migration assistant allows you to choose which user(s) you want to migrate to your new computer. don't know if that answers your question
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