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I'm curious, which laptop would perform better, a low end macbook pro with 3gb of ram, the high end 15" macbook pro with 2gb of ram. From what I understand the low end has a 2.16GHz and 128 dedicated gfx memory where the higher end has 2.33GHz and 256 dedicated gfx memory. My question is, is this really all that significant? Would 3 gigs of ram compensate in the low end macbook pro in comparison to the highend?


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    Video display is an important factor, especially for gaming. if you into photography, a faster graphics chip speeds up the screen redraw when you make corrections to images. It's the sense of speed rather than the number crunching that's going on in ram that makes us think a computer is faster. If you have access to an Apple store or a dealer with both machines as demos, go play with them and get a feel for the type of activities you will be using the MacBook for. A feel for the keyboard is also important.
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