size of tv shows and music videos downloaded from itunes?

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how big(in MB or GB) are the tv shows and music videos when u purchase them from itunes?

Are the music videos like about 60MB? And are tv shows about 2GB?


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    Not being able to download TV from iTunes here in Canada, I can't really tell you exactly what the sizes are. However, the normal size for a 44 minute show (i.e., no commercials) when downloaded through bittorrents is about 350MB. The encoding may be at a higher quality on iTunes (or it may not be?), but I would guess that 2GB is _far_ too high a guess for 44 minutes of video. I would guess somewhere close to 10MB per minute of video.

    Edit: and with a little more research,

    "On average you can estimate that each minute of video will add 4.7MB to the size of the video file."

    So it looks like it's about half of what I thought.
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