3 day old C2D MacBook has bad MB?

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
On monday i just bought this Black macbook Core 2 Duo, Seems to work great with intel apps, ppc apps i get spinng beach ball like crazy. I guess thats happening to alot of people, but my sound port does not work. Pluged in my speakers, and ipod headphones and I here some crazy static stuff. Is there anything else I can do on this machine to test the audio out port? When I take it back to the apple store, are they going to have to send it off, or give me a new machine? Is there any way they can keep my hard drive/immage? Thanks for your help


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    U sure you not plugging it into audio in?
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    Originally Posted by MacSuperiority

    U sure you not plugging it into audio in?

    the one closest to the touch pad that has a headphone sign.

    Any other instances of this?
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