New iPod games at Macworld '07?

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Those anonymous tipsters are at it again, and this time I think it's Apple that's doing the tipping. MacRumors is reporting; "According to an anonymous report, Apple is planning on introducing 3 new iPod games at Macworld San Francisco 2007. The new games are said to include Jezzball, Snood, and Pinball." Coming to an iPod + iTunes near you. Steve Jobs will hit the stage on the 9th.

Got me thinking why would they want more games? Sure people can have more of a choice of games for their iPod's, but how many actually download the games. I think they are really adding these games to prepare for the launch the iPhone. Check this out!


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    wircwirc Posts: 302member
    This was partially refuted:


    Update: Word of Mouse Games has confirmed that Snood is not in the works for the iPod, but not for lack of interest on their part.

    Based on this information, it appears very unlikely that the other games (Jezzball and Pinball) will also be making it to the iPod in January.

    Snood would have been killer, though.
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