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I know there have been a number of posts regarding external hard drives / backup solutions, etc...And after having read through most of them, I now have a new question:

Could someone compare/contrast a SATA (or eSATA) drive with a plain old external hard drive (USB or Firewire).

I am looking to buy an external HD (my first). It's primary purpose will be to backup my MBP, and I'm considering moving all of my music onto it to free up the 30-some gigs. I thought I would just go for some 250 gig external HD from LaCie or Seagate or something - probably with both USB and Firewire options, just in the event of the unpredictable scenario. Now, I've been reading all these posts about how SATA drives are the way of the future, and how they kick Firewire's ass in speed, etc...

Should I be looking into eSATA drives instead, or is that overkill for my humble purposes, or the wrong piece of equipment altogether?

Thanks a lot...


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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    For backups and music, USB and firewire are just fine.

    I do have external SATA drives and although they are a bit faster, they are still more expensive and you don't need that kind of power for your specific scenario.
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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member
    wait wait wait, a bit longer until jan when SJ shows off leopard, read about leopard it may solve your problems, because with leopard and it's backup solution i think apple is also preping a network solution this is what i am doing\\

    wait. if so i want to replace my top rated iomega black series.
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    Time Machine will be perfect with an external drive no matter what kind it is. I can't wait for Leopard to hit the shelves!!
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