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I'm in two minds about buy a .Mac account to host a website for my university work.

I've created a small 'test site' with two podcasts, a movie trailer, and three .pdf scripts for downloading, and the total size when "published to folder" is 18.2MB. There is A LOT more going onto the site, so I assume it's going to exceed the 1GB apple gives.

I'm in the UK and looked at the prices for .Mac Account. £68.99 (annual price ? includes 1 GB combined .Mac Mail & iDisk storage) - This is the basic package that Apple offer.

If it exceeds the 1GB do i pay another £34.99 on top of the annual price for another 1GB?

I've also searched for another host and ukhost4u.com offers 2GB for £39.99.

The only things is, I don't know what iWeb/.Mac features i will loose out on. Any ideas?

Even a list of the Pros & Cons to help me make up my mind.

THANKS to anyone for help and advice.


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    I can't really answer your questions. I can add, though, that I've been using my .mac homepage to run my class for about two years now. I love it and it's been easy and flawless to use.

    To avoid going over my limit, I update the site periodically and ask my students to stay updated with downloading all relevant files. Then, I delete the old and add the new. I've actually noticed that if I leave files on too long, they get a bit lazier, so updating regularly has psychological benefits, as well.

    I'm not tech oriented enough and don't have time to learn right now, so .Mac is great for me. If you know what you're doing, though, and it's not too much trouble, I'd go for price.
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    My opinion:

    As a web-hosting service, .mac is WAY expensive. If that's all you want it'd make sense to go elsewhere.

    Where .mac really shines is with stuff like it's Backup and iSync functions ...

    For me, it is well worth the $100 to have all my computers synced over .mac ... to have my address book avail on ANY computer by going to mac.com ... automated daily backup of certain files that I really would hate to loose (like quicken data and such.)

    But really, I've used other services that were way cheaper when setting up simple websites for other people. And iWeb was still fully functional with them (except that you have to FTP the site onto the server rather than being automated within iWeb.)
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