Netgear and their bias

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Recently my Linksys wireless router died. I happened to have a Netgear router lying around so I set it up and everything works fine except the wireless internet. The internet connection for the PC that is connected directly to the router is fine, but the wireless internet doesn't work. The odd part is that I can connect to the network on my MacBook wirelessly, just not the internet. I also have an AirPort Express that I stream AirTunes through to my stereo and I can't get that connected to the network at all. Anybody want to try and help? The wireless router is version 6 from their website. I have WEP 128bit security, and I currently have the router set up to only wirelessly accept my MacBook's MAC address. I'll go and try and see if I can turn those settings off and connect. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


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    Update: So I've fixed the Netgear router. I have no idea what was up but I went through and poked all the settings and then it worked. Now my problems turn to my AirPort Express. All I want to do is stream my music to my stereo. However, when I connect the AirPort Express to the network, my wireless internet drops and I can't connect or stream music. The Express also flashes yellow at me.
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    Well thanks for your help. I have everything working. I have no idea how I did it or what was wrong. I just poked everything until it worked. I do know that to get my AirPort to join the network I had to turn the Access Control off.
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