Macbook vs Macbook Pro

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I can get a 2mhz core 2 Macbook for around 1200 bucks or a 2mhz core [uno] Pro for 1400 bucks. Is the pro with the older processer better than the macbook with the newer processer?


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    You can look at some benchmark data here ( It's never a good idea to base your decision solely on a single website's benchmark data but it's always a start.

    (They make no mention of the actual hardware specs of the MB and MBP, so you will have to assume neither was at an advantage in any other respect aside from the processor).

    You may want to consider other hardware aspects of the MB C2D against the MBP CD such as...
    1. How much RAM do both have?

    2. How much HDD space to both have?

    3. How important is 3D work to you?

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