WesternDigital External HD FW800 transfer speeds

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I just bought a Western Digital External HD

The My Book Pro Triple Interface version, 250GB which has USB2.0, Firewire400 and Firewire800 interfaces in it

I moved a bunch of files over to it via the FireWire 800 port/cable - about 18GB of files

It took over an hour and PEAKED at 5MB/sec

That is terrrrrrrrrrrible.

I tried the FW400 port and it peaked at 27MB/sec, which is much better but is about half of the max transfer rate of FW400

There is obviously a problem with the FW800 port/controller/cable . . .

But realistically, shouldn't I be able to get better than 25MB/sec for the FW400, too?

Any one else had any experiences like this?

Are there ways to improve the transfer rates or even test them?

(No other apps were running)

Anyone else have good experiences with other FW800 drives?

(using it as a backup and secondary repository for Aperture images)

MacBook Pro 17"

2.16Ghz Core Duo

7200rpm 100GB HD

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