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I have little problem while trying to install Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite 2. I install sucessfully at the first time. But week later the Photoshop warned me that the serial no. was expired. Then I tried to install again. The installation window said that the components were in my system aldready, and removed version cue 2 before reinstall the components in Adobe CS 2. I tried thousand times. I uninstalled Adobe CS 2 the way Help menu suggested. Draged those stuffs from Library, from application. But nothing worked. It's frustrating because I need photoshop to finish my assignments. So anyone please help me to solve this problem. Thank you very much.


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    Get those discs and serial numbers handy and call Adobe. Though there will be other advice (my reply will bump it up again) I'd check them out first. Adobe software has always been a pain in the ass to install/uninstall. Especially on Windows. But I've had issues on the Mac too.

    edit: You might want to edit the title of your subject to fit the problem you have too. If you can do that...\
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