windows on a mac?

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hey not sure if everyone here knows it but adobe products run terribly on the newest macbook pros with the intel chips (or just some of them). not really a surprising hiccup and stuff happens. but, is there any reason someone shouldn't just run windows on their mac and then run the windows version of photoshop? would that even be better than just running it on a pc?


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Well, it'd be about the same really. The only advantage you'd have would be sandboxing the Windows environment to help protect it from the big bad world.

    The reason the current Adobe products run slower is because they're still PowerPC code, running on an Intel chip. Yup, that's a transparent emulator between chip families under there. While slick, and a great piece of work, it is, of course, slower than native code would be.

    When Adobe gets those apps converted to Intel code, they should be just as fast as their Windows counterparts.
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    thanks but theres no reason why inherently macs are better for adobe products?
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Well, since Adobe rolls their own code for cross-platform use with Windows, and eschews much of the APIs that are really pretty damned good on the Mac... not really, when it comes to the apps. They can take advantage of ColorSync for professional color matchings, etc, but other folks who actually use the apps on a daily basis would be better judges than I.

    But... no viruses, etc, etc, blah blah blah, so the foundation is more robust. Less downtime is less downtime.
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    Originally Posted by Kickaha

    They can take advantage of ColorSync for professional color matchings

    I think that's it. My brother is a graphic designer and he can pick a color from a chart and if you want that color then that's what you will get. They put some sort of spider thingy on your screen and take a sample and give you a colorsync profile you can work from. I don't know the exact process but it works pretty well. Side by side the colors are pretty exact, though I like to piss him off by suggesting they aren't.

    As for the actual running of the Adobe software, I think it's pretty dire on the Intel Macs at the moment. Adobe not releasing CS2 as universal was a big problem. There's also the state of plugins, which for the Mac seem to mostly be for OS 9 still in some CFM format. Alias did the same thing and you can only compile CFM binaries with CodeWarrior.

    This should all change with CS3 and my god it would be a nice surprise if it was released ahead of schedule in January. There must be thouands of professionals so desperate for it.
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