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Got cross this "news":

"Apple has entered the gaming console arena with iWin, a new device gaining ground against Nintendo and Xbox thanks to Apple's secretive advertising strategy...etc.etc." (from "Varsity" U of Toronto Dec. 4, 2006 page 4).

Is it real?

What's all that about? Any insight? Thanks.


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Spoof? Hoax article?

    Seriously... eh?
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    mgkwhomgkwho Posts: 167member
    There's no point for them to do so with iTV;

    As long as they make good enough computers, they would only need a 3rd party (or even their own) remote for a computer game if they want to use a television.

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    If you cannot tell that that article is a spoof, then I really worry for you.
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    mrtotesmrtotes Posts: 759member
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    csi95csi95 Posts: 38member
    Originally Posted by 1st

    Got cross this "news":

    "Apple has entered the gaming console arena with iWin...

    P.T. Barnum would be proud...

    This is a hoax, and I'll give you three reasons why:
    1. The new iPods can play games. Some Nostradamus wannabe takes that, and the job postings for game developers, and suddenly makes up a random rumor about an Apple Game Console. There is no basis in reality here.

    2. The current market leader in the game console market -- Sony -- is getting killed in the press for it's new console. Why would Apple want to jump into this new market now? If Sony, with it's 60% market share, is having problems, it would be more than an uphill climb for a startup -- even Apple.

    3. Apple will NEVER release a product called iWin. It sounds way to close to Windows, and they don't want that tainting their product.

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    1st1st Posts: 370member
    "Apple to Take on Wii, PS3?

    Mac Attack: Wall Street analyst says Apple hiring game developers.

    December 10, 2006

    By Red Herring Staff"

    actually, not a bad move... 1st game: find the marketing plan of apple new console in a 2nd life computer "maze" (go through bits and decode... better than Dan Brown...hmmm... day dreaming here)...
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