Possible to add a custom-made search bar to Safari?

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Hey all,

im pretty happy with Safari (especially with the addition of Pith Helmet), but i'd like to add to it.

Just as there is currently a vert useful Google Search Bar in the upper right hand corner, can i add my own somehow?

i'd really like a search bar that will search the Discogs.com database (see www.discogs.com for exmaple), as i use this site frequently, probably moreso than i use Google.

So, if someone knows how to do this, or can point me towards an online guide that will help, please let me know.


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,228moderator

    Apple should really add these little things in by default.
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    seriously, i could kiss you.

    thank you so much.

    with Acidsearch & pith helmet. my safari is thoroughly PIMPED! it's sweet-as.

    thanks again. When i originally posted this, i was just dreaming... i never thought id actually get a solution.
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