Changing the port AFP uses

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Howdy Genius Bar,

I'm trying to possibly change the port AFP uses from 547 to something else. I have a DSL connection and a Linksys Wireless-G router. Both my girlfriend and I are attempting to have remote access to our machines (right now i'm internet dictator/overlord). I was wondering if it would be possible to have AFP traffic directed over another port. Or, if say our DSL IP Address is possibly forward ports to other ports (with the router) so if is accessed from outside it goes to (machine 1) and if is accessed it goes to (machine 2)

I really appreciate any help. Thank You.



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    benzenebenzene Posts: 338member
    I believe you can directly edit your /etc/services file. This is probably frowned upon, but I'm pretty sure it works. Your router might support port forwarding/translation, but most off-the-shelf models don't, so you're probably out of luck with that.
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